Pasture topping review
John did a good cut on our field. Conscientious worker and very pleasant guy.
Deane Valley Produce
Over the years, we’ve tried a range of eggs at the Clipper Cafe but you can’t find any like the ones from Deane Farm. They’re beautiful with nutritious thick whites and dark orange yolks, they taste like eggs are supposed to taste! The Deane Valley sausages also get a great response from our customers who love to know that they are locally processed and the farm to fork journey is less than a mile. You can’t beat the great traditional taste of the pasture reared pork.
Digger operation review
What an amazing job the guys have done! They got so much more done than I expected and their response was so reassuring when dealing with the unexpected. Really competent, hard working and all round great guys.
Deane Valley Produce sausages review
Ten out of ten for the delights of Deane Valley Produce!